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A Wedding Day Checklist: Is It Really Necessary?

As you scour the interwebs in preparation for your monumental day, you may consider a wedding day checklist. Your Pinterest board could be filled to capacity (is that even possible?!) with some extremely helpful infographics about safety pins and duct tape, tiny tissues and sewing kits, flip-flops and first aid supplies. But you might want to be on the lookout for a list that includes some of the more necessary items.

Bride and groom on bridge at The Lodge at Cathedral Pines wedding

For Schylar and Lindsey, the wedding plans were going really well. Mostly because Lindsey was about the chillest bride on the planet. Even after experiencing her level-eleven chillness during their ferocious engagement session, we had no clue how laid-back this girl would be.


Father and bride exchange look at front of aisle during The Lodge at Cathedral Pines wedding

Leading up to her wedding, she hadn’t been overly stressed about fittings for her dress (ya’ know—the one that her wickedly talented aunt was making…by hand), or a timeline for the day, or where their photo booth would go inside the intimate Lodge at Cathedral Pines venue.

Groom dipping bride in front of wedding party at Black Forest wedding

And the rings. Schylar’s wedding band had not yet arrived in the mail the day before the wedding. But was Lindsey frazzled? Not in the least!

Bride receiving contouring makeup for Colorado Springs wedding

That day, the guys received VIP pampering at Rooster’s; the ladies had open access to the bartender’s goods while they got ready in the bridal suite, and mother of the bride Beverly seemed to make no fewer than thirteen round-trips between their house, Schylar and Lindsey’s place, and a craft store (none of which were closer than 20 minutes, one-way, from the venue).

Groom receiving beard trim for Colorado Springs weddingGroomsman receiving hairstyling from Rooster

Groom and groomsmen getting ready for The Lodge at Cathedral Pines wedding

“Mom, will you please go by our house and see if Schylar’s ring is in the mailbox?” (It wasn’t.)

Unhappy flower girl at The Lodge at Catehdral Pines wedding

“Mom, is the stuff in your car for the unity candle cermeony?” (It wasn’t.)

Reflection of bride looking in hand mirror for Colorado Springs wedding

“Mom, where’s my dress?” (Sheeee-yaaat. The dress. The handmade, custom-fit, exactly-as-she-imagined-it dress.)

Wedding dress hanging in the sun at The Lodge at Cathedral Pines

Lindsey’s composure was finally tested for about three full minutes, when about half an hour prior to the scheduled ceremony, Wonder Woman (a.k.a. Bev), had still not arrived with the dress in tow. And let’s be clear about what Lindsey’s tested composure looks like: the cheerful and easygoing, “Mom, where’s my dress?” became a swifter, firmer, “Mom, I need my dress. Like, now.”

Groom and groomsmen playing on bridge at The Lodge at Cathedral Pines wedding

And then, it happened. The dress arrived. The unity candles arrived. (The ring sure didn’t, but that was an easy fix with the generosity of a family member whose finger was about the same size as Schylar’s.)

Mirror reflection of bride kissing her mother before ceremony at Black Forest wedding

Their wedding was fan-f’n-tastic! Perfect weather. Excellent eats from the Pig Latin food truck. And one helluva party. We even had enough time for our famous Reach Around™ post-dress-arrival and pre-ceremony.

Bride and groom showing rings and bouquet for Colorado Springs wedding

Pig Latin food truck at Black Forest wedding

Bar at The Lodge at Cathedral Pines wedding

Groom and friends in Colorado Springs photo boothWomen in Photo booth at The Lodge at Cathedral PinesBride and groom holding hands around corner for Reach around with bride and groom

So we’re not sure how close to the edge you like to live, but maybe your checklist infographic should have a cute picture of a wedding gown. Just to jog your memory when you’re leaving the house.

GroomBride and groom in Colorado Springs wedding photo booth

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