About Us

Folks. Hi. We are THAT Jamie & Natalie. Fun. Likable. Easy-going. Awesome.


What's the best incentive for starting your own business? Responding to emails in your boxers, sure. But we were doing that in the corporate world, anyway. Made for some awkward water cooler convos. Higher on the list was having a displeasing personal experience as a customer and wanting to provide something better for others. For you.

Your priorities become our priorities. We want to know you. Your story. Your vision. We will provide you with a high-class, approximately 4.97-star experience. Why not 5? Well we tried being perfect before, and there's just no fun in that. What this means is that we're constantly learning, taking in, and hearing input from our clients. We appreciate feedback and stand by our commitment to exceed your expectations and adapt to your hopes.

Think we're a good fit for your event? You seem like a fantastic decision-maker. Contact us to set up a free consultation!

Not sure if we'd click? That's just poppycock. You should still contact us; if for no other reason than to prove us wrong.