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The Good and the Badass of Aerial Wedding Photography

It’s official. At the risk of him cracking his coconut on various door frames and beams, you’re going to invite Gary, your seven-foot-tall cousin, to your wedding. Surely he expects you to ask him to get some overhead shots during the ceremony and dancing. Surely.

Aerial photo of guests dancing at Spruce Mountain Lodge weddingSurely Gary’s near-pro camera will capture the same thing that Jamie & Natalie’s aerial wedding photography and videography will. Surely Gary’s size 19 shoes won’t be in the shots. Surely Gary knows how to process and edit the images to make them look flawless.

Aerial photo of summer day at Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding Venue

Surely Gary can make an emotion-invoking video to go along with the still images.

Jamie & Natalie Photography is now offering upgrades for aerial wedding photography and videography! We’re here for the couples whose towering cousin’s photography skills or equipment are lacking. Or maybe you just want to allow Gary to get his gigantic groove on. No problemo!

Our team of aerial drone geeks will be around all day at your wedding—finding indoor and outdoor opportunities to record even more memories than just those at the ground-level. The equipment is perhaps the best in the area. The operators are prize-winning.

Aerial photo of entire guest group after Spruce Mountain Lodge wedding ceremony

Is it all fun and games? Uh, yeah! Until someone loses a ponytail to the drone propellers! The pros are clearly demonstrated in the photos and video you’ll receive.

Aerial photo of Albert

There are a couple of cons to having our aerial photography and videography at your Colorado Springs wedding. The first is that the envy oozing from your friends’ eyeballs when they see your sh*t is incomprehensible. Even their puppies will cry. If you’re cool with that greenery, this may be a good consideration for you. Additionally, there’s a slight chance that your guests will be frantically searching for their EpiPen if you don’t give them a heads up about the audible features of a drone. On the bright side, it’s better than a real swarm of bees invading your wedding, right?!

Aerial photo of bride and groom dancing with guests beneath lights at Spruce Mountain Lodge wedding

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