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All About You

Unique perspective of a couple holding hands while looking at each other.You, dear, are rocking this sh*t. We get it. With a compliment, your cheeks flush a little. You might feel some awkward moose coming on. But just accept the damn thing and listen. With your eyes. By reading this next stuff.

You’re working your ass off. Between your full-time job, trying to get to the gym four days a week (mehr…two or three is better than none, right?!), maintaining your social life through an occasional drink with a friend, and planning a hundred-plus-person event, you’re a little pooped. And that’s understandable.

What we also know about you is that you’re looking forward to having your nearest and dearest, together, in one place. And that all you’re asking for is that the people you hire be able to show the hell up, do an impressive job, and be the type of people your guests get a kick out of.

You know how you didn’t spend thousands of dollars on your vehicle without feeling the driver’s side seat surround your body? Without smelling the new car smell that can just never last long enough to give you your fill? Or without sheepishly driving slowly by a building swathed in reflective windows with a subtle glance to your left, just to make sure you look good? You shouldn’t choose a wedding photographer without the same experience.

That’s why we propose (Snort! Wedding vendor humor…) that you feel us. Smell us. Stare at us. We’ll do the same with you. First, over beers (or wine…er, coffee, if that’s more palatable), then with an engagement session.



All About the Experience

There are a few ways for you to comprehend the experience of being photographed by Jamie & Natalie Photography.

First, you can check out our Ultimate Engagement Shoot Planner, where we provide specific details on how to make your e-session the absolute shiz. It’s mostly by adding alcohol. Heads up. Seriously, though. It includes tips on hair, makeup, posing, package prices, and even a key feature just for the groom!

B, we can actually do that whole engagement session thang together. No obligations. No BS. We’ll do your engagement session and, if you don’t love your photos, you’re under absolutely no pressure to buy any of them. We’re that confident in how bodacious you are.

Another method for educating yourself is to continue on this roadmap with a quick stop on our Even More FAQ’ing Info page.

Lastly, you can read it from the fingerlips (that’s where typed words come out) of our other clients.


The Jamie & Natalie you have come to know and love.All About Jamie and Natalie

When creating Jamie & Natalie Photography, we tasked ourselves with identifying three words that individually and collectively describe us and our style. It was with very little effort that our tagline was birthed.

fun. uncommon. real.

Mutuality and chemistry between you and us is important. You’ll spend more time with us on your wedding day than with anyone else. It’s probably best that we make sure we’re all cool with one another before reciting our vows. Here are a few things that we can tell you about ourselves that really should stiffen your wind sock, but we’ll let you make that determination.

Things You Wanna Know About Your Wedding Photographers

Number one thing to know about Jamie and Natalie Photography.We specialize in photographing couples. On purpose.

We’re not trying to be a Jacques of all trades, so you fortunately won’t lose your date on our calendar to a baby bump, a herd of meese (that’s plural for moose) in the wilderness, or a high school grad. Couples are the meat to our ‘taters.

Number two thing to know about Jamie and Natalie Photography.Beer and coffee are our two favorite beverages.

Although we won’t crack open a bottle while taking your photos, we’ll all but insist that you do…just one to knock off the ol’ jitters. And we might even bring a sixer to your shoot, so you might as well tell us what you like. You’re a wine connoisseur? We’ll give you relentless shizz for it, but we have already forgiven you and we don’t even know you.

Number three thing to know about Jamie and Natalie Photography.Witty utilization of curse words is part of our repertoire, and, as such, you can feel comfy in dropping your own language enhancers ’round us.

Now, that’s not to say that we’re going to embarrass you in front of your great-aunt, or educate your nephew on the best use of the f-grenade. However, we are all adults and we don’t see the problem with some occasional potty words.

Number four thing to know about Jamie and Natalie Photography.Judgment is for people who wear fancy black robes.

You won’t see us banging a gavel at you for your life decisions (or indecisions, frankly), your appearance, or even your love for beer that comes in an 18-pack of cans. That doesn’t mean that we won’t try to convince you to upgrade your tastes to a quality microbrew. Just a heads up.

Number five thing to know about Jamie and Natalie Photography.Your photos are our livelihood.

On the real. So, despite our tomfoolery, we’re super serious about the quality of your photos, the value of your products, and the prioritization of you. It’s the bare minimum that you deserve from your wedding photographer.

Number six thing to know about Jamie and Natalie Photography.We make a lot of that’s-what-she-said and what-about jokes.

You, while eating M&Ms: “It tastes so much better when you have two in your mouth.”
Us:” That’s what she said.”

White-rectangleYou, while blowing up a balloon: “I don’t want it to get too big!”
Us: “What about the balloon?”

Number seven thing to know about Jamie and Natalie Photography.We find lifelong friends through this business.

We’re not pretending to be something we’re not. You know how, when you’re quasi-obscene like we are, and you work in a professional office, you have to create a “work personality” that differs from your “home personality” in order to avoid being axed? We wanted to get that BS out of our life. As a result, we tend to attract like-minded people as clients and business buddies. Which is awesome.

We’re adaptation ninjas.

Alright, alright. All kidding aside, we are not as rigid with these points as it may seem. We just want to have fun! And we are open to standards of fun that fall outside of our beer box. You’ve got an aversion to alcohol? Root beer is on our grocery list for your shoot. Don’t use the four letter dictionary? We’ll put a lid on the vulgarities. We even like gluten-haters, so we’re obviously about as open-minded as wedding photographers come.

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