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Jamie’s the husband. Natalie’s the wife. And, conveniently, of the same splendidly happy marriage.

Since 2013, they’ve taken a pointed interest in couples, engagement, and wedding photography in order to provide a righteously amusing and customer-service-oriented experience to cool peeps. This whole bit started after they scoured the Colorado Springs area for a photographer (for personal use) who would unleash on them a challenge volley of witty banter. To say that the well was dry is an understatement. Having excelled in high school economics class, they found that the supply was not available for the demand. What better reason to start a business?

Their philosophy about their work is that it should be displayed—not just left on a hard drive. As a result, their clients relish their photos in one-of-a-kind albums, canvas gallery wraps, and print wall art.

When not cracking borderline inappropriate (okay…there’s no borderline) jokes to get folks to laugh, they’re spending quality, clean-joke time with their entertaining daughter, Tenley, who’s beginning to carry her own sarcasm torch at the fresh age of five years. As a family, they enjoy playing OCD-friendly board games at their kitchen table, cooking meals with as few injuries as possible, and half-assing participation in Colorado’s seasonal activities. They also tolerate three-ounce toiletry bottle rules in exchange for visiting off-the-beaten-path locations around the world.

Jamie’s guilty pleasure is sour, fluorescent gummy worms. Natalie is a stickler for the Oxford comma. Tenley will do just about anything for a bowl of ice cream. With sprinkles.

These two pride themselves on being a couple of the most unique wedding photographers in Colorado Springs. Their goal for every client is summarized in one single F-word. (That would be “fun,” for all you fellow potty-mouths out there.) Their ability to attract like-minded, superb people to their business is uncommon. Their photography style is real.

Jamie and Natalie’s biggest love is writing about themselves in third person.

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