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Southern Plantation Collides with Colorado Springs Tattooed Bride

The air, that just one day prior had been clinging to the 80-plus-degree South Carolina mugginess, was now chilled and blanketed by a soft gray overcast sky—thankfully absent of precipitation. Unfamiliar to Coloradans, the abundant March foliage unapologetically flaunted its bright green hue to visitors of the Magnolia Plantation.

Jesse was clearly unable to forego her genuinely considerate attitude, even on her wedding day. She was repeatedly heard (and gently reprimanded for) asking what she could do to help everyone else—friends, family, vendors, and even complete strangers. Her intriguingly brown eyes were unafraid of expressing the gamut of emotions that come with a wedding day. From the glistening of extreme happiness, to the fierceness of sass, and the mist of sorrow for pain felt by friends and family, they told a story unjustified by words.

Collage of Tattoed Bride

As with his daily life, Patrick’s participation in the first look embrace was anything but halfhearted. As he awaited his bride’s green-light shoulder touch, his Chucks danced—to simultaneously soothe the butterflies in his stomach and boost his body temperature—atop the red wooden bridge stretched over the property’s schoolhouse pond. Having spent the better first-half of the day with his testosterone-wielding pals at the pampering Old South Barber Spa, he rightfully had no apprehension about face-smooshing with Jesse.

Groom Receiving Straight Razor Shave

Bride and Groom Hugging for First Look

Callie Milligan, of Ooh! Events, coordinated the bejesus out of this wedding—a mere 1,700 miles away from the couple. Balancing getting sh*t done and maintaining her sweet-as-pie southern magnetism, this Georgia native responded to questions promptly and cheerily, managed the tight itinerary, allowed vendors the space necessary to rock their gig, and never revealed a single droplet of stress (if it existed), all while magically setting up the venue in a short timeframe.

Wedding Guest Sign-In Area

Matron of Honor and hair design goddess, Kelli Stephenson, of KIS Hair Design, was whipping out jaw-dropping bridesmaid updos full of braids, volume, and ever-lasting curls. Like it wasn’t no thang. Her precision and patience were justifiably commended—even by fellow stylist, Jesse—and her speed was unmatched. Kelli’s generous laughter and contagious smile make sitting in her chair the cherry on top of the treat of receiving a hairstyle from someone who clearly (but modestly) knows what she’s doing. Straight. Up.

Collage of KIS Hair Design

To say that Sam Stephenson was on his ministering game is an understatement. His unrelenting commitment to a thoughtful and flawless ceremony was clearly one of the reasons Patrick and Jesse wanted him to travel the distance to officiate their vows and handfasting. Aside from his stellar skills in front of a crowd, Sam’s sensitively scaled thought-provoking conversation and delivery of sarcasm puts him at the top of our referral list for Colorado Springs ministers. On a somewhat unrelated note, one more peg up on the sharply dressed scale, and Sam would’ve outshined the couple.


Minister Preparing for Wedding

Minister Talking During Wedding

Magnolia Plantation was unlike anything we’ve experienced in the wedding venue realm. Its versatility was one of the first noticeable characteristics. It accommodates small weddings in some locations, and large weddings in others. And thanks to the year-round gardens, weddings are eye-pleasing during any season. What we liked about it most, from a photography standpoint, is the ability to find shade. Contrary to popular belief, open and uniform shade is much more ideal than direct sunlight.

Wedding Ceremony for Tattoed Bride

The fuchsia, orange, and yellow florals, provided by Out of the Garden, were an eye-opening and refreshing compliment to the intentionally overgrown dark greens of the gardens and the uncommonly gray skies of the day.

Flowers from Tattoed Bride Wedding

Guests arrived on the Ashley River lawn to the soft acoustic sounds of one of three members of Caravan. The trio was playing easy listening gypsy jazz in the Conservatory in time for cocktails.

Man Playing Guitar for Wedding

Had the salmon and beef options of Fresh Foods Market Catering of Charleston been mediocre, its owners’ generosity and friendliness would’ve been a nice-to-have. However, the food was incredibly prepared, full of flavor, and—foreign to wedding vendors—hot, especially considering that they were up against Mother Nature’s single-day wrath of frigid temps.

The couple’s signature drinks—a lavender vanilla champagne and a stout Manhattan—prepared by Squeeze On-Site, were served on the Conservatory’s ornamental deck, and deemed sensational among guests.

Cupcakes Down South provided a sweet and gluten-free ending to the evening with red velvet and vanilla mini cupcakes. Patrick and Jesse cut an enormous cupcake as a couple; no cleanup necessary.

Mini Cupcakes for Wedding

At the end of the night, this gorgeous and elegant Colorado Springs tattooed bride and her picturesquely shaven groom exited the venue in a tunnel of sparklers, ready to take on the world as a unit. We attribute our enjoyment of this wedding to the couple and the people surrounding them. Their family and friends welcomed us with bighearted and open arms. Our sincerest appreciation to everyone we met and congratulations to Patrick and Jesse!

Bride and Groom Exit through Sparklers

  • Matt Orefice - Beautiful wedding. Photographer’s playland. I hope to to see them in person Patrick!ReplyCancel

    • Natalie - We agree, Matt! It was fantastic meeting you. Good luck on the new pearl-finding career!ReplyCancel

  • Patrick Orefice - you guys are fantastic! The pictures are beautiful and really tell the story of the day!ReplyCancel

    • Sean Kearney - Nailed it! A fantastic wedding, beautifully photographed and thoroughly enjoyed – by everyone! I think Jamie and Natalie managed to have as good a time as any of us, while still capturing some incredible images. Jesse and Patrick (and your families): thanks for throwing a great party and nudging us eastward to be a part of it!!ReplyCancel

  • John Orefice - Great pictures!! The story perfectly sums up all the events of the wedding. Everyone had so much fun!ReplyCancel

  • Donna Orefice - Awesome photos and a beautiful right- up! I love the format. I can’t wait to see all of the photographs, they were and exceptional team for an exceptional couple!ReplyCancel

  • Lee Beckman - Great wedding! Patrick and Jesse are two of the greatest people I know. Looking forward to a lifetime of friendship and family trips!.

  • Kate - Stunning photographs! Such a fantastic week, filled with so many laughs and unforgettable memories! Wish we could go back already!ReplyCancel

  • Jesse Orefice - you guys didn’t mention how amazing and fabulous YOU are ! The day wouldn’t have been the same without your eyes and talents to etch it in memory . We wouldn’t be more blessed to have worked with such a fabulous team and group of people. Everything turned out beautifully and lovely . Thank you for being a part of our day , and our continued celebrations !ReplyCancel

  • Sheryl - I love everything southern, esp a southern wedding!! Absolutely loved the photography and love how gorgeous Jesse looked!! What a cute couple!ReplyCancel

  • Natalie - This wedding was so beautiful and so full of love. These pictures and account for the day are perfect! What a gift that will last forever! Congrats once again to Jesse and Patrick. It was such an honor to share in this day.ReplyCancel

  • Marisa - Cool picturesReplyCancel

  • Mary Orefice - You guys are amazing and your work is incredible!! It was wonderful meeting you both and cannot wait to see the rest of the shots from this gorgeous day!!!ReplyCancel

  • John Orefice - What a pleasure to meet you and see your artistic vision in these photos. The venue was an amazing setting and I am sure it inspired you in ways that you normally would not encounter. The bride and groom were stellar but you made it special. Jaime and Natalie, you’re the best!ReplyCancel

  • Stuart - As our kids and their (our!) friends have been getting married the last few years, we’ve attended a lot of great ceremonies. This on looked as unique and special as any of them. Well done all. And best wishes to my fellow Sooner and his lovely bride.ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Massie - Looks Amazing! Any left over cupcakes?
    Wishing you both the best!ReplyCancel

  • Kelli Stephenson - Such an absolute PLEASURE to work with you guys, spend time with you along the way, and of course, get to see your STUNNING work, once again. You two are so talented, and make the land of photos so much more comfortable. I can’t wait to work with you guys in the future, and continue to follow your photography.. Seriously, well done.ReplyCancel

  • Eric Ward - Congrats, guys!ReplyCancel

  • Perry Lewis - Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos of the big event. Jill and I think it’s great that you had a destination wedding. We visited Charleston for the first time a couple of years ago and loved it. You’ll have to make it an anniversary destination in the future. Loved the pre-wedding photos as well.
    Perry & JillReplyCancel

  • Sara Paige - I love this! It’s very unique! You both look amazing (as usual)!I can’t wait for your party on April 18th! I look up to both of you and I am truly honored to be your friend! Love you both!ReplyCancel

  • James M. - Beautiful wedding. Pictures are amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Donna Orefice - Beautiful!! The day was fabulous!ReplyCancel

  • Kelly Miles - Yay!!!ReplyCancel

  • Tom Simanivanh - Wonderful wedding! Melissa and I were honored to be there and be a part of the first day in the next chapter of Patrick and Jesse’s lives together!

    Great job on the photography! :)ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - Amazing day, amazing people. hugs and kisses!ReplyCancel

  • Drew - The pictures turned out great! It was an amazing wedding that I’m lucky to have been a part of.ReplyCancel

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