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Colorado Springs Wedding Photography Pricing

The ribbon winding around the stems of your bouquet becomes damp as your fingertips begin to fidget with the head of the straight pin holding it all together. The assload (official unit of measurement) of checklists you made for this day have all been reconciled. The women in your life, whose unofficial titles blur the lines of sister and friend, have taken their stride down the aisle. As you stand there looking alone, you oddly feel anything but.

As he enters from the hall to walk with you arm-in-arm, it occurs to you that you’ve never seen him more caringly protective—and handsome—than he does in his tuxedo. Just seconds ago, your heart was pounding, accompanying the lump in your throat. (“It’s not a toomah!”) Now a complete and utter fulfillment overwhelms you. He whispers to you that he’s proud of the choices you’ve made in your life, bringing you both to this moment. There’s just enough time before the doors open and the music begins for you to look into his kind eyes with unsaid appreciation for, among other things, how he helped you become the ass-kicking decision-maker you are.

Before the tear escapes the corner of your eye, and before you remember that there’s a camera nearby, you’ll be lost in this moment with your dad—or perhaps a different rock in your life. These are the photos that, after the cake has been eaten, the guests have gone home, and the sparkler dust is totally removed from your cleavage, will remind you of the most important details at your wedding.

Our wedding photography packages cover a variety of budgets, with most couples spending around $3,000-$4,000 to get all the kickassery that their hearts desire.  All of them include:

  • A custom-designed (by yours truly), full panoramic, lay-flat, cut- and gutter-free binding, museum-quality, handmade fine art album
  • Two professional photographers
  • A six-week, image readiness turnaround
  • High-resolution, eloquently edited digital images, including a print/use release for modest social media ego-stroking
  • A personal online gallery to share with friends and family near and far
  • A personalized proof and ordering session, complete with munchies and booze, and any handholding along the way that we can provide
  • Free beer!

Rehearsal dinner coverage, a badass bitches-only boudoir shoot, a wedding day photo booth, and parent albums can be incorporated at a discounted rate. Other customization options are always available. Let us know what would make it perfect for you! We’re about the least likely pair to be offended by any question you ask. Personalized Colorado Springs wedding photography pricing is our jam.

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