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5 Things to Consider for Engagement Photos with Your Pet

They’re our fur babies, hairy children, fluffy family. We are animal lovers, and because we are such, we have a few tidbits of advice in addition to a simple stipulation for engagement photos with your pet. All puns are intended.

Dog in foreground of couple standing in Colorado field for engagement photos


As much as we adore them, we all know that our pets are a distraction. As the need for chow breaks, treat distribution, hydration handling, and poop bag faux pas-avoidance become demanding of your time, the clock on our shoot will continue to tick. Because we want to ensure that you get a myriad of fiercely badass images with and without your pal, all we ask is that, if you’re going to do engagement photos with your pet, that you bring along a “pet assistant” (parent, friend, sibling) who can save you from the captivity of occupying your cuddly kid when he/she isn’t in the scene.

Engaged couple doing piggyback ride while holding dogs

Dog looking at camera with engaged couple


The outer coat on your clothing is half a badge of honor that you proudly(ish) wear everyday to work, and half an annoyance that you’ve chosen to accept as a byproduct of your animal’s undying love. For your photo shoot, you’ll want to consider that the pet hair on your clothes is not a good representation of the time and effort you’ve put into shaving your own bristly follicles. (We assume you’ve prepared for your photo shoot with us as though it’s a third date with some heavy petting potential.) While some stray hairs can be removed in our editing process, it’s not always an assurance, depending on the material’s texture. Have lint rollers, brushes, and maybe a small industrial-strength vacuum at-the-ready to ensure you’re looking snazzy.

Dog standing in front of engaged couple

Engaged couple posing in alley with pet dog


Whether your engagement shoot is in the Colorado spring, summer, fall, or winter, your dog may become uncomfortable in the elements for such a long period. Understandably, they won’t be in every single photo, so there will be times that they need to be restrained or sheltered.

Engaged couple holding and looking at dog

Dog with sign around its neck announcing couple


Having done a number of pet-related engagement shoots, we’ve come to the conclusion that pets truly are simply four-legged children. They have slobbery, jolly days and defiant, grumpy days. Sometimes they’re pleasant and patient, and other times they’re mischievous and demanding. If you’re nervous for your shoot, they’re totally picking up on that. We’ve witnessed dogs that are hilariously outgoing in their own home, yet lazy during the photo shoot. (And the opposite of that, plus everything in between.) We understand and recognize that there’s no real way for you to know how they’ll behave—especially when you put them in an unfamiliar environment with new people. Your “pet assistant” will be a perfect solution to this. Did we mention your P.A. can drink booze during your shoot?

Couple walking with dog through fall leaves for engagement photos

Dog looking back at couple kissing in background


At the risk of being overbearing, there are a number of opportunities for injury when pets are involved in your engagement photos. Other animals may approach or hurt your pet, those same animals may hurt you or us. Your pet might endearingly drool on our equipment. Hell, for all we know, your fiancé might do that, too. Nonetheless, we just want to completely aware and devoted to everyone’s wellbeing.

Man kissing woman on temple with puppies between them

Are you considering having your pet sloth join us for your shoot? Is your turtle trained to stay still for a few shots? We’re clawing at the opportunity to meet them! Contact us to set up your engagement photos with your pet!

Engaged couple petting dog in Colorado Springs field

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