What type of photography will I get?

We photograph couples—whether they're going steady, designing save-the-dates, reciting their vows, or loving their married life. Our style is a mixture of lifestyle and contemporary traditional photography, with emphasis on the lifestyle side.

What's the difference between lifestyle and contemporary traditional photography?

Our take on traditional ("contemporary traditional") photography provides images in which you're both looking at the camera and are posed in a modern, relaxed manner. These are great for conventional uses and gifts.

Lifestyle photography is more candid and genuine, incorporating the things you love to do with your partner—eating gummy bears, making a meal, reading a book at the park, etc. These photos allow us to tell a story in our albums about a photo shoot through prop details, expressions, and raw emotion.

Do you only take candid shots, or are portraits with my wedding party also included?

We love that candid shots provide an illustrative elaboration, but that doesn't mean that formal portraits aren't our thing. The passion in the composed photos are often more dramatic than you'd think. This is also a great tradition to the event—one that parents and grandparents love. We'll get pictures of everyone important, but we won't hold you back from the party!

How do you ensure your photography equipment won't fail?

While we're pretty sure "fail-proof equipment" is an oxymoron, we use very dependable gear and have back-up cameras and lenses to continue covering all the exciting moments of your day in the unlikely event of a hurdle.

Will you post a sneak peek of my photos?

There are a couple of key reasons we do not provide sneak peeks. Firstly, wouldn't you prefer to be the first one to see your images? Secondly, we don't control the images you release to the public. We allow you to choose your favorites and manage when, where, and how you display them.

What are the 'in-home proof and ordering sessions' you reference on your pricing page?

Your photos won't be displayed in a photography studio. They won't be displayed just on your computer screen. We feel it's only appropriate to bring the images to the walls where they'll live. Approximately four weeks after your wedding, we arrange a convenient time to come to your home with proofs and samples (to include your album design) to help with where and how you'll show off your memories. We sometimes even trade photo hanging services for chocolate.

Why do you provide products if I choose a package including digital files?

Our products are made with longevity in mind. Archival papers and inks are used to ensure that your great-grandchildren will be able to see your event as if they were there. That's not something the corner drugstore can guarantee.

Is this a full-time job or just a hobby for you?

Rest assured that we are not weekend warriors with a camera. This is lifeblood for our family. Since we like to eat, we take the profession seriously, and work on it beyond full-time.

How do I book you?

Whoa...that's flattering, but how about a first date to start? The coffee's on us.