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Our Work – Wedding and Engagement Photos in Colorado Springs

Wedding and Engagement Photos in Colorado Springs

Hi again! So you’re skipping along this path. You’ve read all about how things will go with us, and you’re feelin’ the vibe. Awww yeeeah. You, no doubt, want the most sublime wedding and engagement photos in Colorado Springs. Behold a library of images that you can skim through at your leisure! Then boogie on down the page to read about our photography style and philosophy.

“These guys are fantastic!!!
You will not find better photographers, better service or better people!
All of our wedding photos were absolutely amazing!”


You’ll see that our style is a fluidity of capturing what’s happening in the moment to some posed shots and everything in between. We typically set you both up in a pose—down to where your hands and eyes should be respectively placed and pointed—get a few shots, crack some jokes, then compose ourselves long enough to supply you with material showing you what you look like when you’re having throw-back-your-head, uvula-on-display, attempting-to-maintain-composure fun.


CHEM 101

A jive in chemistry between you and your photographer is as important as the quality of photography you’ll receive. So much so, in our opinion, that if we aren’t the right fit for you, we’ll help you find another photographer who better suits you.

One of the most popular points of feedback from our clients is how real they felt during their wedding day and their engagement shoot (and how the resulting images demonstrate that). They weren’t concerned with babysitting us or worried about offending us when a tipsy member of the bridal party blurted out some obscenity. Instead, because of the time we’d spent together up to that point, they did their thing, were enveloped in the full range of uninhibited emotions, and didn’t think twice about having us around.

Wedding photographers have one chance to create a lifelong representation of your big day, but they also only have a single first impression with your guests. Make sure your load is blown on the photographer who adds to—not detracts from—your wedding day.


We want choosing your wedding photographer to be effortless. As validation of our desires, we provide a no-BS, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. To take us for a test drive, we’ll do your engagement shoot. If you aren’t happy with the photos, you don’t have to pay a penny. In fact, we want to be such a great fit for you that we’ll even refund your $150 session fee if the photos aren’t what you wanted. Unh!

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