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Laws of Attraction – Colorado Springs Engagement Photos of Cop Duo

With her weapon drawn on the submissive suspect perched against the aging brick wall, the clicking of her deputy partner’s handcuffs echoes through the alley. Behind the alleged criminal’s back, Ryan locks eyes with his soon-to-be bride. Amanda’s distinctive, vintage-inspired rose gold engagement band glistens in the fading sunlight as she loses her offensive stance to the warmth of Ryan’s kiss…

Woman Hugs Man While Holding Gun for Colorado Springs Engagement Photos

…and then Luis, the faux criminal, had to get back to his job at The Mining Exchange.


When Amanda told us that she and her fiancé, Ryan, met through their badge-wielding cop careers, we looked forward to the opportunities it would provide us in access to exclusive engagement photography session venues. Uh…yes. We absolutely dropped that whole ‘this-is-for-a-peace-officer-bride’ spiel each time we requested location permission. Don’t judge us. Luckily, the staff at the Pioneers Museum and The Mining Exchange were fantastically willing to allow us access, even if we hadn’t been able to shamelessly use Amanda’s current credentials. After this being our first photo experience with each organization, we highly recommend patronizing both downtown Colorado Springs spots. As a bride, as a visitor, as a resident.

Colorado Springs Engagement Photos at Pioneers Museum

Thanks to Amanda’s hairstylist, Myra, from Beyond Hair Studio Spa, we had an additional resource for the composition of steamy poses during this photography gig. And wit. Holy antique clock tower. The five of us were on our game. This couple could not have been better suited to click with the humor of Jamie & Natalie Photography.

Couple Poses Through Antique Frame for Colorado Springs Engagement Photos

Our faces hurt after this shoot from all the laughing. There couldn’t be a better sign about working with Amanda and Ryan for their July vintage wedding. From their wardrobe choices, to their prop preparation, to their willingness to go with our flow. These two worked some magic.

Colorado Springs Engagement Photos at Pioneers Museum

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