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Mining Exchange Vintage Wedding in Colorado Springs

If you thought that your method of venue hunting was unique for your wedding in Colorado Springs, try involving an alleged criminal in the decision. That’s exactly what Amanda did.

Bride and Groom in Alley at Mining Exchange Wedding in Colorado SpringsWe all know the typical painstaking process of finding a future spouse (or even a quality significant other) these days. And we’ve also all heard about how crucial it is to first befriend the person with whom you’ll spend the rest of your life. Ryan and Amanda covered allll their bases by meeting as sheriff deputies at work and by learning what the others’ donut preferences are before they took the next step into datehood. It wasn’t long after that Ryan knew that Amanda was the Starsky to his Hutch, and Amanda stumbled upon The Mining Exchange‘s uniquely vintaged alleyway when chasing down a suspect. We imagine it went something like this:

“STOP! POLICE! PUT YOUR…ooooh, this is a fancy place! I definitely want to recite my vows here. It’s going to be a classic chic mix with all the fantastic lanterns and pieces I’ve been collecting at the antique shops. We’ll make it small. I wonder if we can actually get married out here. I wonder what happens if it rains. It’s like raaaaaaain on your weddin’ day! OMPH. Focus. I’ll talk to the event planner here and see if we can do this. Can I maintain my hardcore status if I start a Pinterest board and make paper roses out of old book pages?”

Paper Rose and Antique Lantern Table Centerpieces at Mining Exchange Wedding in Colorado Springs

“WASH!!” (That’s what we imagine Ms. Washburn was called by her colleagues…like any good cop show.) Then Amanda snaps back into reality and they take the suspect into custody and safety is restored.


Amanda learned about us while at her salon. She reached out about hiring us to shoot their wedding and, as with all couples who are interested in our work, we wanted to have a mutual coolness standoff with them during an engagement shoot. That just means that you use the experience to decide if you can be you when we’re around with our cameras, and we decide if we’re okay with the potential of seeing you nekked during your getting-ready shots on the day of your wedding.


We got to work on a special location for their engagement photo shoot, tailored to their style. The clock tower at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum would work just fine! And of course there had to be some at their wedding venue.

A notable bonus to getting married at The Mining Exchange is that the photo opportunities are abundant, and they’re generously happy to allow us to sneak around and find some custom locations for your e-session.

Bride and Groom Pose for Mining Exchange Wedding in Colorado Springs

Fast forward a few months to their vintage wedding in Colorado Springs last July. The staff at the hotel were amazingly accommodating and top-notch. The room that Ryan and Amanda had for the night (and for the ladies’ prep time) was a perfect mix of historic and contemporary. Exposed brick, excellent natural light, beautiful floral magic from Colorado Springs Florist, and a location that kept Amanda well-hidden from her future husband before their nuptials. Even when we ran around taking photos of her dress, customized by Julie at Springs Bridal & Ballroom.

Bride Holds Bouquet for Mining Exchange Wedding


While there are several ballrooms available for indoor venue options, The Mining Exchange’s event coordinator arranged a bit of a retrofit in their outdoor area for the entire wedding and reception. For some absurd reason, we were skeptical, but it totally worked! The guest list was manageable—about 75 people—which also helped the wizardry of the hotel.

Ceremony at Mining Exchange Wedding in Colorado Springs

The ceremony happened without distraction toward the north end of the alleyway in late afternoon. The couple had an off-white curtain covering the wrought iron gate to deter paparazzi (or gawkers), which created a soft light that couldn’t have been better.

During cocktail hour, the reception was set up directly behind that area with a colorful array of food stations and an ice cream bar for dessert. However, that didn’t stop Ryan and Amanda from having a cake bite exchange-slash-fight, courtesy of Robert Holsinger and Premier Cakes.

Bride Shoves Cake in Groom

DJ Brian Hepperle, of Springs Sounds, was an interactive, engaging, hilarious hit. He showed up when he was supposed to, he was dressed professionally enough to stand in for the groom, and he didn’t play the chicken dance song. Not even once.

DJ Talks to Minister at Mining Exchange Wedding in Colorado Springs

This wedding didn’t have a single hitch. Or if there was one, the hotel played it off and didn’t shed a visible bead of brow sweat over it. And that’s enough to impress us and the newlywed couple.

Bride and Groom

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