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Of Minnie Mouse and Men: A Southern Colorado Wedding

On your wedding day, everyone typically commences the morning with the general understanding that things will be as they will be. The excessive planning and preparation that goes into a wedding has come to a close, and the time has come to have some freakin’ fun.

Bridal party posed in various ways on golf course

What’s also expected—at least from a photographer’s perspective—is that the ladies have a 70/30 chance of ever-so-gently nudging out their self-allotted getting-ready time frame. No big deal.

Stylist curls brideMakeup artist applies makeup to bride


What we hadn’t seen until Andy and Kelsey’s southern Colorado wedding, was the laissez faire getting-ready approach taken by the groom and his groomsmen. To begin their day’s casual, manly agenda, they engaged in some target practice, complete with AR-15s and AK-47s. The groom took charge of the endeavor with his future wife’s pink pistol.

Groom shoots pink pistol during pre-wedding target practiceGuns on display for groomsmen target practice before southern Colorado weddingGroomsman shoots gun during pre-wedding target practiceGroomsman shoots gun for pre-wedding target practice

Meanwhile, the ladies were on top of their game. Everyone was present. Everyone was productive. Everyone was helping out their fellow ‘maids.

Bridesmaid applies makeup for southern Colorado weddingBridesmaid curls flower girlBridesmaid applies eye makeup for southern Colorado weddingMaid of honor puts brideBride Prep Web-127

When the gentlemen moseyed back to their staging house, they boasted about their testosterone-wielding right to be ready at their own damn pace. Nothin’ squeals masculinity like high-fives, camouflage vests, and Minnie Mouse. Amiright?!

Groomsmen high-five after dressing in Minnie Mouse themed room

During this same time, the ladies were at the venue. Totally ready. Posing for photos. Gettin’ shit done. They didn’t even fall short when it came to providing a concealing of the bride with a very visible group of birds for the groom upon his delayed arrival. No peeking allowed!

Boots and bouquets of bride and bridesmaidsBride and bridesmaids holding bouquets over cameraBridesmaids hiding bride from groom and flipping him off

This wedding is officially on record as the hottest in the history of Jamie & Natalie Photography, with the ceremony (the first ever at the Rocky Ford Golf Course, thanks to the pioneering actions of Kelsey) temperatures approaching 100 degrees. The indoor reception’s flower arrangements, courtesy of Valley native Amber Mustain, were basking in the air-conditioned Gobin Building, while their bouquet, boutonniere, and outdoor ceremony arrangement counterparts clung to their vibrant magnificence with impeccable timing through the end of the ceremony.

Groom kisses bride after nuptialsFloral arrangement for southern Colorado weddingGroom and bride walk through doors after ceremonyWedding rings nestled inside bouquet

Had our gear not been vitally attached to our bodies to capture this moment, we totally would’ve taken Andy’s place in the refreshing shower he received from his fellow firefighters.

Groom gets hosed down by firetruck at Southern Colorado wedding

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Schweizer!

Bride and groom for firetruck themed wedding photo

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