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5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Colorado Springs Proposal

Engaged coupleHey guy! If you’re reading this, you’re either about to tie your shoe, or be on the business end of a proposal to your main squeeze.

Maybe you’ve only imagined it to yourself.Colorado Springs proposal guidePerhaps you’ve even talked about it with your friends and family. Even though you know the answer will be yes, you also know that you don’t want to F up your proposal. Whether you’ve already decided on most of the details, or you’re still stumped on how to make it as memorable as you’d like, we’re here to help you plan the BEST Colorado Springs proposal. 

  1. Keep your piehole shut
    Before you even begin arranging this event, are you positive that your love’s top compadre or sister is going to be able to hold on to your secret? You wouldn’t want to let the cat outta’ the bag to a loose-lipped  friend—putting a damper on all your efforts. Zip it.
  2. Make it personal
    If you and your future spouse are frequenters of the outdoors, an unusually planned fancy dinner is probably gonna’ be a little suspicious. If your steady’s ideal date night with you is having a beer on a Tejon St. restaurant patio, making arrangements to pop the question there will seem far less fishy.
  3. Consider a new twist on a classic idea
    Are you worried about your plan being too cliché? Maybe you want a rugged environment, but would rather have more privacy than the flocks of people drawn to Garden of the Gods. (In fairness, we do live in a breathtaking area…) It could be that you two like the movies, but you’re afraid you’ll lose the ring in the darkness of the Peak Theater. Maybe a quick exploration outside the box (Want help with a brainstorming session?) will create a fresh spin on your idea, which is probably *THIS CLOSE* to being flawless. 
  4. RelaxEngaged man and woman holding hands
    You’ve heard all about it from your now-married friends—the script was written, memorized, and rehearsed ad nauseam—but once the ring came out of their pocket, what ensued was a jumbled proclamation of emotions that ended with something that resembled a request to spend the rest of their lives together. And that’s okay! Prepare in your mind a bullet list of points you’d like to hit, and then…let it loose! 
  5. Fist bump of engagement amazeballsnessAsk for help!
    You’re going to a lot of trouble for this! Wouldn’t you like for it to be perfect and forever remembered? For a limited time, Once Upon a Wedding and Jamie & Natalie Photography are teaming up to provide FREE personalized proposal planning and on-site photography of your proposal! Allow us to help you think through the unknowns, then we’ll hide in the bushes (with cue cards, if you want), and provide you and your soon-to-be fiancée a lifetime of memories from this fan-freaking-tastic event!

GET ON IT! If you’re considering this, you have to contact us before July 4, 2015, to ensure you get these services for FREE! Not planning to propose until the holidays? As long as you contact us before July 4, you’re eligible for FREE proposal planning and photography for the rest of 2015!


It’s free? What’s the catch?

That’s a fair question. First of all, we truly do want to provide you with a service that currently doesn’t exist in Colorado Springs. Secondly, our best selling feature for our businesses (of wedding planning and engagement/wedding photography) is spending time with our potential clients.

This is a slam dunk for everyone because, you get a kickass proposal—complete with photos—and we get to show you our mad skills and personality. In the end, we hope you’ll hire us for your engagement and wedding photography, as well as planning your wedding. But if you don’t, we promise to only TP your house one time instead of four. Kidding! But seriously, no hard feelings.

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