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We Put the F in Photo Booth

You came here for the goods about photo booth fun in Colorado Springs. All the details about our photo booth that will help you make a sound decision about whether you want your wedding or corporate event to involve actual fun. The good news is that, if you’re up for some light reading, we’ve got the stuff, man. The bad news? There is no bad news. Unless you don’t reserve our photo booth. That would be bad news.

Five female Estes Park wedding guests in photo booth, wearing props of hats, giant sunglasses, fairy wings, flamingo lawn ornament, and Groucho Marx glasses with nose and mustache.If you’ve hired us to photograph your wedding or other sort of shindig, you won’t be losing us to the photo booth. Instead, we hire interactive, fun people to operate the photo booth and engage your guests in a game of dress-up.

Bride and groom dressed up as nerd and Darth Vader in photo booth

If, on the other hand, you’ve hired us just for the photo booth, you’ll get us—the Jamie and Natalie. That’s two times the persuasion to get everyone there to act like goofballs.

Setup takes about an hour, so we’ll want access to our 12’x12′ space with plenty of opportunity to properly organize all the unique, waist-up props and work out any kinks. That entails assembly of professional studio lighting, arranging our professional camera equipment with proper settings and testing, and connection to our laptop and a separate monitor. Did you know that, as the photos are being taken, the participants are seeing themselves on a dedicated monitor and deciding which shot they like best (or whether to take another one)?

Once that’s done, it’s ready to roll. Have your guests begun their cocktail hour? The photos at the beginning of the stint may be on the tame side, but human nature doesn’t allow for such disciplined behavior to last all night. Competition will reign in its intoxicated form. Trust us.

A group of ten people in the Jamie & Natalie Photo Booth wearing a myriad of hilarious props

The experience goes like this:

Your friends, family, coworkers, and the like shimmy up to our props area. They each get creative with the combos—someone puts on the Darth Vader mask, headdress, and giant ears, while another grabs our newest 10″ wide mustache, devil horn headband, and giant clown bow tie, for example—then stand in front of the backdrop for their photo. We provide a countdown for the photo and…

SNAP! “Great! Let’s do another one!”

SNAP! “The devil’s eyes were closed on that one. One more!”


This is all great Jamie and Natalie, but what is this shizz gonna look like at my event?

Colorado Springs Photo Booth Details

Once they regain their vision after feeling like models, they can look at the monitor, and collectively decide which photo will immediately be published on Facebook for tagging (and/or which photo will be immediately printed as a 4″x6″ take-away memento, if you’ve chosen the print option).Two men and two women in photo booth with lobster costume, Stitch paws, a Catwoman mask, a giant foam cowboy hat, mustache glasses, and a headdress

After several hours, and after everyone has had their fair share of self-humiliation, we only need about 30-45 minutes in the venue to break down our equipment. The fact that it takes longer to set it up than to break it down remains a mystery—even for NASA.

We’ll deliver all the keepers to you on a disc within 7-10 business days of the event. This allows you to keep and use the images for very personalized thank you cards, blackmail, or kindling.

Still have some questions about the best photo booth in Colorado Springs? Check out our Photo Booth page for pricing, FAQs, and a slap-happy slideshow, or contact us if you’re ready to get your lobster claw action on!

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