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The Importance of Your Wedding Album

When you and your spouse are looking back on your wedding—with sagginess and wrinkles in all the most unfortunate places—you’re going to hope that you have a keepsake. One that’s still intact and as vibrant as the first time you opened it. The importance of your wedding album cannot be stated strongly enough.

Wedding album of bride and groom in Charleston, NC

Nearly all of our engagement and wedding photography packages include at least one of our fine art albums. We love the hell out of these things. Our museum-quality, gutter-free, lay-flat books are all created to last 100 years or more, and are made in the good ol’ U-S of ‘Murica.

High quality wedding albums leaning against each other

The bad news: there are photographers who will sell you an album that you could easily receive for free (for example, from a wedding registry) and create through a template-driven, online design site that’s available to the general public. It’s offensive to us to lose your groom’s face in the book’s gutter. It’s offensive to us to put your lifelong images into a magazine-like pages that don’t boast a resistance to fading or generation-lasting use. It’s offensive to us to not have the creative freedom to design an album from scratch.

Low quality wedding album gutterWedding album of bridal party in Charleston, NC

Low quality wedding album coverWedding album cover of bride and groom at Spruce Mountain Lodge weddingThe good news: we seriously consider it an honor to be at your wedding and create an album that represents you. Your day. Your love. Your priorities.

Low quality wedding album page thicknessLarge quality wedding album page thickness

We design each album in-house from a completely blank page—not from template-driven software. This process ensures that no two books are created alike. When we say that your album is custom-made for you, it means that we capture the moments with your story in mind. We use your images to narrate your engagement shoot or wedding day throughout the pages.

Want to see it in action? Check out our video!

Once your images have gone through our in-house editing, we pre-design your album—removing any planning burden from your plate. However, you’re still able to make modifications! During your proof session, you’ll see your album in digital format, and we’ll make real-time changes, should you choose any. (Uh, what you’ll see is pretty kick ass, so the likelihood of you changing anything is slim. But we won’t even be mad at you for making us cry ourselves to sleep that night…)

High quality wedding albums stackedWe offer engagement albums in 10″x10″ with 10 spreads, a cloth cover (with over 50 color choices), which are often created with space around the images to be used as a guest sign-in album at your wedding. With this unique option, your guests have an opportunity to peruse and comment on 15-20 of your absolute favorite e-session shots. With the free archival ink pen that we include, you can be certain that their words of wisdom, encouragement, and smartassery will be there for as long as the book exists.

Wedding albums come in a variety of size (8″x8″, 10″x10″, and the mammoth 12″x12″) and style options, but all of them have 15 spreads and a full-panoramic, crystal laminate-coated photo wrap exterior.

Wedding album cover of couple at Mining Exchange

Our Original album spreads are printed on fine art matte paper, and can double as 8″x8″ parent gift albums.

Quality wedding album spread thicknessQuality wedding album of gutter-free binding

Our Photo Art album spreads are twice as thick as the Original, and are printed with a photo finish.

Wedding album spread of reception showing gutter-free bindingWedding album cover of bride and groom at Spruce Mountain LodgeTaking care of your albums is simple: store it in the protective box you’ll receive, and keep it away from air ducts, direct sunlight, and humidity. It resists fading, yellowing, discoloration, and fingerprints, but if your coffee table is adorned with pint glass rings like ours is, you might want to keep your album in a drink- and food-free zone.

It’s pretty difficult for you to experience the magic of our albums if you don’t book your engagement session or wedding with us, so go ahead and contact us so that we can have you over for cocktails and munchies!

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