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Ultimate Engagement Shoot Planner-Guide to Your Dream Engagement Photos

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Feeling a little apprehensive about your engagement shoot?


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If you can read this, you should hire Jamie & Natalie!

Unsure of what to wear? How to fix your hair? How to convince your man to be excited?

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Ultimate Engagement Shoot Planner


This is a complete guide to planning every step of your
dream engagement photos.

This creed includes OVER 30 PAGES of humor-laced-yet-surprisingly-useful, specific tips to plan your fantasy photo shoot! (Even if it’s not with us…but why would you make a silly misstep like that?)The FREE Ultimate Engagement Shoot Planner includes real tips and information for:
  • Hair
  • Makeup
  • Outfits
  • Locations
  • Posing
  • Pricing
  • What to expect after your session
  • Man Cave section written BY a guy FOR your guy!

Look, we completely understand how easy it is to find yourself anxious about being in front of a camera for several hours. This one-of-a-kind, exclusive handbook isn’t some snore-worthy read. While it’s full of curse words, references to (and photos of) beer, and complete sarcasm, it actually has legit details to help quell basically all of your jitters.

Inside this magazine are testimonials from other clients who had the same fears that you’re having. Download the ebook to find out how they ended up feeling by the end of their shoot!

We show you how we retouch photos to look natural, using a before and after example of how we remove blemishes and soften skin to a real (not plastic doll) appearance.

Besides the assload of photos of our work with other couples, you’ll also see samples of our high-quality products and ways to display your stunning images.

Download this sh*t. Study this sh*t. Adore this sh*t. ROCK YO’ SH*T.

Get your copy straight away!