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Schylar + Lindsey

Schylar and Lindsey threw down their vows in the month of July at the Lodge at Cathedral Pines in Black Forest, Colorado, and also had our photo booth for the evening. Their Reach-Around™ was a quick, but successful event moments before their outdoor ceremony.

If you’re a true DIY-er, this is a great venue for you. While they have staff on-site who are helpful with providing access to all the equipment you’ll need (tables, chairs, etc.), you get quite a bit of freedom on bringing in your own catering, alcohol, decorations, linens, etc. This venue accommodates up to 100 guests, but in our experience shooting there, the ideal number is closer to 75.

Schylar and Lindsey entered our model call contest and won. Contact us to find out if it’s happening now!


Eli + Jen

Eli and Jen got hitched in late August at Spruce Mountain Ranch, near Larkspur, Colorado. The grounds at this venue are gigantically kickass. There are areas for each newlywed and their respective parties to comfortably get ready. There are plentiful options for an outdoor ceremony, reception, and/or dancefloor, as well as indoor options for all of the best parts of your wedding.

Eli and Jen chose to bend—but not snap in two—the traditional rules of not seeing one another before the ceremony. That’s a version of the Reach-Around™, in Jamie & Natalie terms. Allow us to serve you beer and food while we talk about what you’d like to do!

Chris + Mel

Chris & Mel had their wedding in August at The Loft in Old Colorado City, Colorado. If you have an intimate guest list and you’re looking at indoor venues, this might be a consideration for you. The elevated multipurpose stage at the front of the room ensures that all of your friends and family will be able to see your entire ceremony. While the facilities crews flipped the room from a ceremony setup to a dinner/reception one, the guests went outside, down to the character-filled OCC streets.

During their Reach-Around™ on the alleyway rooftop, Mel gifted Chris with a brand new guitar, while he gave her a studio-recorded CD of him singing some of their favorite songs as a couple. Adorbs.

Before hiring us for their wedding, Chris and Mel tested out the relationship with a free engagement session. You should do that, too. Get in touch to find out how to get yours.


Andy + Kelsey

Andy and Kelsey had been dating since the late 60s, and made their togetherness official in the month of July at the first ever wedding held at the Rocky Ford Golf Course, with their reception at the Gobin Building, both in the small southeastern Colorado town of Rocky Ford.

If you like sweating off your balls, and donating your blood to a swarm of mosquitoes, a July wedding in the Arkansas Valley is totally for you. It wasn’t all bad, though! The small town atmosphere was  comforting, and the residents were friendly and helpful. There were myriad locations for everything (rehearsal dinner, bride getting ready, groom getting ready, etc.), but it was all in such convenient, close proximity to each other—a far cry from the cities of Colorado.

Andy and Kelsey also had our photo booth at their reception. Have an upcoming event where you’d like the guests to have one helluva good time? Find out how you can create a party with built-in blackmail.


Cody + Ally


Patrick + Jesse


Ryan + Amanda